Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chrome Canyon - Body Music [EP] (2012)

1 Computers of Love (Original Mix) 3:47
2 Computers of Love (Melee Beats Remix) 5:12
3 Computers of Love (Douze Mix) 5:55
4 Body Music (Original Mix) 3:33
5 Body Music (Heroismo Remix) 5:07
6 Body Music (Stavarsky Remix) 3:32

I just checked this debut EP out as it was released earlier today (yesterday), and it's stream-able there on Soundcloud.

This is the project of Morgan Z, who I believe has worked with a few different bands/artists as a keyboardist and for mixing, remixing, etc. But the biggest thing to me about the guy is his work with Apes and Androids, I want to say entirely with their live shows a few years ago.

The music on this EP, while not exactly like A&A's, does feature a lot of that heavy electronic/synth driven songs. The vocal use is processed, perhaps a heavy amount of auto-tuning or vocoder. Why? it does fit the music, but perhaps he's not into writing vocals like A&A's for now.

It includes 2 additional remixes from other DJ's, and is available on iTunes as well as This Beatport and Juno links.

I guess my biggest/only issue with it, other than I'm skeptical how addictive it'll become, is the lack of including this track "Branches" which a video was made, that I've embedded below. That piece I think is better than any of the original or remixes on this EP. Very Tangerine Dream or even Pink Floyd-y in a way, especially with the footage in the video. It's rather surreal, hypnotic and dreamy.

Maybe that track will be released at a later point.

Chrome Canyon - Branches from Chrome Canyon on Vimeo.

Also, one thing that is kind of cool, like his former bandmate in Apes and Androids,  Brian Jacobs (under his own name, as well as the moniker Majestyy with 2 y's), if you like remixes of new, popular or even obscure songs, the Chrome Canyon Facebook page and other links would be worth following.