Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Reign of Kindo - TBA (2012)

Not that there's a ton info to pass along just yet, but I suppose one thing that can be forwarded in here is the band took questions from fans on Facebook recently. And are publishing them on their website as they just did the other day.

”When is the new album coming out and what’s the theme?” and seemed to generate some good interest from everyone else.

Well folks, as of now we are aiming to get this new record wrapped up and ready to hit the market in the summer months. We don’t have a specific date yet as we are still making the record and it’s most important to us that we feel it’s everything we want it to be before we put it out there. Also we are hoping to launch a decent marketing campaign to help us reach some new folks as well. This will take some planning indeed.

Thematically speaking, when we write our music and our records, we have yet to set out and stick with a specific theme. Usually the themes develop via happenstance. I can tell you that this could be one of the most diverse sounding Kindo records yet. Things are still developing and because we do a lot of our writing and final arranging in the studio, we know only a little bit more about what’s to come than you do. This keeps things fun and exciting for us, you see.

“When’s the dvd coming out?”
, this project has been evolving quite a bit. We are actually aiming to put together a short film that will include selections from the DVD recording as well as a great deal of footage that has been shot as we write and record this record. All we have is lots of footage and intentions to continue generating more throughout this process. I can’t give a date for when this will be done or released because we aren’t certain when to make a cut off for filming. I like the idea of documenting this process to help paint a picture of it for our fans. We have captured the very moments of when some of these songs on the upcoming records were taking shape and being recorded. It’s been interesting to leaf through some of the footage and observe ourselves at work and making decisions that will be heard on the record. I hope to possibly have several other Kindo concerts recorded to include selections from them for the film as well. Of course I’m sure it won’t be without footage of us acting like complete asses as well. As for now, the project remains a bit abstract… but I think it will be way more fun than a simple “Live DVD”.