Monday, January 23, 2012

5/9/12 The Dear Hunter - Complete The Color Spectrum live

1/23/12 11:32AM

I just got my ticket (Row B, Seat 10) as they went on sale for Lifetime Members today at Noon Eastern. However, given my potential travel schedule with 3 other trips from March until June that could run close to $1000 for me, I may not end up going. I would be up for selling at face-value, my ticket to someone if I am not able to go. But in the agreement before purchase, it states they are Non-Transferable. So, I'm not sure, but that may mean if someone else walked up to the door with my ticket, they wouldn't be allowed in.

I just realized, it may be worth contacting the venue about this, if I come to conclude I'm not going to be able to make this thing.

Tickets go on sale to the General Public on Saturday January 28th. Although given the smaller scale size of this venue, they may be all sold out by then.

1/19/12 2:07PM

a Wednesday night in Boston. More words hopefully later about this. I will do everything in my realistic-financial-budget to go.