Saturday, January 7, 2012

Gotye Spring 2012 North American Tour

more dates likely to follow if you notice the gap in the dates in February.

Gotye -- 2012 North American Tour Dates
February 2 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey
February 6 New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
March 22 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
March 23 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA
March 27 New York, NY @ Webster Hall
March 29 Boston, MA @ Paradise
March 30 Montreal, QB @ Corona Theatre
March 31 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Concert Theatre
April 3 Chicago, IL @ Park West
April 4 Minneapolis, MN @ Varsity Theatre
April 6 Denver, CO @ Bluebird Theatre
April 8 Vancouver, BC @ Vogue Theatre
April 10 Seattle @ Neptune
April 11 Portland, OR @ (venue TBA)
April 12 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent

fuck yeah, April 4th, Varsity. But of course, 89.3 The Hipster and 1st Crapenue will probably put their foot into this show, but so be it. Maybe a 2012 North American tour for Kimbra will follow and she'll be at The Varsity as well.

fucker is SOLD OUT already, as I am noticing they may have gone on sale as early as December 7th. I don't care, I will go down to the show and do everything I can to find my way in. Perhaps tickets like that will end up on

edit 2: yeah, except some douche here wants $237 and $239 PER TICKET for them, lol.

edit 3: and some idiot is also selling them on between $98 and $250.

LOL, it's pretty obvious this is 1 or 2 buffoons who realized "Somebody That I Used to Know" is getting played on 89.3 The Hipster and online everywhere, and bought between 20-50 tickets for this show to make a sizable profit. I anticipate seeing said SCALPER and offering him what I typically do outside shows when I don't have a ticket. Gotye is big, but not $98 or $250 BIG, LOL. Why the FUCK is the show being held at The Varsity Theater and Not 1st Crapenue in the 1st Place???

I guess if I end up getting into the show, at my only acceptable price or less, it won't matter. But this is definitely case of the pathetic process of Ticket Scalping. Why I do I suspect said douche ended up buying those 50 or more tickets right when they went on sale. And I'm sure I'm hardly the 1st person interested in seeing this show that couldn't buy a ticket due to this piece-of-shit-who-has-no-interest-in-the-show-to-begin-with, bogarting the tickets for his own greedy interests.

There is 89.3 The Hipster's giveaways (and maybe Radio K if they might get their head out of their ass and start playing Gotye), along with the obvious going-down-to-the-show and looking for someone with extras.

But this does kind of piss me off, a) I didn't realize this show was coming here, b) And now that I do, it already sold out. And there's a chance it may get moved to 1st Crapenue, although at least if it did, I'd be able to purchase a ticket now, as much as it pains me to be feeding 1st Crapenue, I want to see this guy live.

edit 4: and another explanation as to how/why this is already sold out: 1st Crapenue listed it and all the lemming Hipsters flocked.

edit 5: I'm not actually sure when tickets went on sale, as one or two things google pulled up suggested they may not have been available until this past week (January 4th). But in looking at First Ave's schedule, they have some group called Lucero scheduled on April 4th for the Mainroom at 8PM. Perhaps Gotye could get rescheduled and play earlier like an all-ages show at 5 or even 6PM. Otherwise, unless the venue is under the First-Ave umbrella (i.e. not places like The Pantages Theater), I don't know where it could get moved to. But it's pathetic how I and I am guessing many others will not have a ticket come April 4th if it doesn't get moved, largely due to these greedy bastards trying to make their living, Scalping tickets for this and the dozens of other shows I'm sure they do this with.

edit 6:

On sale: Saturday, December 10 at 12:00pm CST


Gotye’s intricate set was orchestrated to a tee. Acclaimed animation teams faultlessly backed his music and lyrics with jaw dropping, dizzying, at times creepy, but always emotive visuals. Brendan Cook’s dystopic endowment for opener and lead single Eyes Wide Open was the perfect spearhead for the visual banquet. The audience sang long proudly as Gotye’s musical phalanx materialised our aural memory of the track. Award winning illustrator, animator and director, Lucinda Schreiber then held the audience in a jubilant daze with her quirky morphing bear-man in second trackSmoke and Mirrors.