Monday, January 9, 2012

Pain of Salvation announce new lineup

For what learning this is worth

Gustaf Hielm - Bass
Daniel Karlsson - Keys
Ragnar Zolberg - Guitar, Vocals

Swedish progressive rockers PAIN OF SALVATION have announced the addition of keyboardist Daniel "D2" Karlsson to the group's ranks. The band has also confirmed that Gustaf Hielm (ex-MESHUGGAH) will be the bass player for its February/March 2012 European tour.

Gustaf previously played with PAIN OF SALVATION back in 1994, years before he became involved with CHARTA 77 and MESHUGGAH.

Commented PAIN OF SALVATION mainman Daniel Gildenlöw: "It feels great to have Gustaf on board for the tour. He is truly one of the best bass players I have ever seen, and I can't wait to hear him take on the songs."

Karlsson previously played keyboards for PAIN OF SALVATION in India and handled the bass for the band on tour in South America and in Europe. In addition, he did the lights for PAIN OF SALVATION in Skellefteå.

Stated Gildenlöw: "Through the years we have always had problems finding people who can master ONE instrument well enough to play our songs the way they should be played, so needless to say [Karlsson] has impressed us by playing both the bass and the keyboard with total conviction. Asking him to join the band was a natural step. Also, band meetings were getting boring with only me and Léo there."

Added Karlsson: "To be a part of this band is a real honor. I'm very grateful to have been around PAIN OF SALVATION for quite some time, both as a technician and a musician and a fan of course, and suddenly I'm being a part of them for real. It pays off to work your way up.

"My intentions is not be the 'new' Fredrik, because there's only one. And a damn good one! But I'll do my best to carry the spirit on and bring a new chapter to the history of PAIN OF SALVATION. I'm looking forward to be a part of the future of the best band in the world."

PAIN OF SALVATION's new album, "Road Salt II" was released on September 26 in Europe and was made available on October 11 in North America via InsideOut Music.

We are proud to present the last piece of the puzzle for the upcoming tour line-up – the guitar player.

First, a little background on the auditions. So, we had applications coming in from the whole world (including a few countries we had barely heard of) and it was a pretty massive task to go through them all and make our choices. From close to a hundred applicants we harshly narrowed it down to five guitar players being invited to our rehearsing room for auditions. One from Sweden, one from the UK, one from Iceland, one from Germany and one from France. These were the top-of-the-crop, and it’s quite telling that they were all lead singers in their respective past or present bands. It was hard to choose, especially between the top two guys. However, when the dust settled, it was to Iceland that we turned, and the magical Ragnar Zolberg. So, without further ado, here he is:

Holy ravens! what the f**k just happened!?
My gratitude and excitement for the upcoming tour is far beyond words and I feel unbelievably privileged to be sharing the stage with one of my favorite bands.

I’ve been going through the songs during the whole christmas that I’m spending here in London, but the only guitar I had was my nephew’s guitar…..he’s 2 years old!
Let’s just say that it’s a very small one but it sort of keeps in tune so it’s not all bad.

I can’t wait to start rocking out to the music that we’ve all come to love so dearly and I will devote my whole heart to it!

Ragnar Zolberg

We are certain that Ragnar will have everything that’s needed to kick your asses on the upcoming tour, and our first four days of rehearsals only strengthened that feeling. He is an excellent guitar player and an outstanding vocalist, and he knows how to make use of those abilities while rocking out on stage. On top of that he is an awesome person. What’s not to like?

Pain of Salvation is Daniel, always has been for the most part anyway. I suppose adding an original member in Hielm, might hold some intrigue. But for myself and the American audience, really, the only thing to think about is the next studio record. Unless they do find a way to get on a tour of the States soon, which the odds might be better, I tour the States with my own band (which doesn't presently exist, lol).