Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brooke Waggoner with Hammock


* We've sung the praises of ambient post-rockers Hammock before — as when we mentioned the recent and ultra-noteworthy Asleep in the Downlights, for instance. Via their Bandcamp page, Hammock is now offering a single called "Parkers Chapel" that features vocals from local songstress Brooke Waggoner and instrumentation from Hammock's Marc Byrd. Byrd notes that the lyrics were related to a deeply personal matter, saying, "When I told her the story behind it she approached the music reverently and something very special appeared." Stream "Parkers Chapel" below, or purchase it for a mere $1.25 at Hammock's Bandcamp.

I have a friend who loves Hammock, and I know some others who also are very big fans. Myself? not that I hate them, but haven't really found them amazing. But Brooke Waggoner of course I think is brilliant at times.

So this is an interesting pairing.

I don't believe this is what Brooke's been working on of late, as Timbre posted the other day, playing some Harp with her, on presumably, her own, upcoming new music/record etc. But in the mean time, this will have to tide myself and others over.