Monday, May 30, 2011

Shelter Red - TBA (2011?)

5/30/11 11:26PM

facebook post with :46 demo/sampler

Don't forget about your favorite upcoming album!!
Release date: TBA,TBA, 2011

Shelter Red, a band who came under my radar really late in 2009 with their record Strike a Mortal Terror, I just was made aware they are still around and announced that on their facebook page the other day.

I know I have mentioned them since, including on Usedbin Radio a few weeks back when the discussion about Long Distance Calling and Scale the Summit came up. But the truth is, sadly, I haven't listened to them a ton since probably early last year.

Why? time and other music. Because their last album really impressed me. Progressive post-metal of a sort. Much like LDC or Russian Circles. Or East of the Wall's Farmer's Almanac period even.

I also just realized after failing to ever find it at Cheapo, it was and still is available for $6 (+3 shipping) on this webstore So, of course I just ordered a copy.

The demo sounds promising as well. More to add as details come of course, but maybe this record will make up for the minor disappointment of the new Long Distance Calling album in 2011.