Friday, May 13, 2011

Bend Sinister - The Warped Pane (2002)

After many years of wanting but doubting I'd ever be able to hear it, Bend Sinister, a band from Vancouver, BC who I love and still have big hopes for, have made their long out-of-print instrumental debut record The Warped Pane available digitally on their bandcamp page, here for $5.

1. The Wicker Room 04:16
2. ITS Colour is Green 04:46
3. Karmic Webb 06:25
4. SP-TA 04:29
5. Paths of Glory 05:26
6. Anatar 05:40
7. The Sin of Omission 05:44
8. Papp 06:14
9. Triple Entente 06:58
10. Cesky Krumlov 09:07

I have listened to most of it here at home once and I am loving a lot of this. Rather mathrock-like, but also bluesy. Dan Moxon is the only member of the band on this whose still with them. But in just listening to most of it once, I can already tell how they made Through the Broken City after this.

This was bend sinister first full length release in 2002. The band initially formed in 2000 with 4 friends from highschool jazz band, DAN MOXON, NABEN RUTHNUM, DAVE BUCK, and DAN GOUGHNOUR. This is the only album with all four original members, apart from the very first home recorded release of which 200 or so copies were made and distributed at shows. The band was instrumental at this time as dan was too shy to sing, and didn't even know he could yet.

released 01 August 2002
Recorded in kelowna in 1 day and released on TRUTH HURTS records in vancouver 2002

Hopefully I'll add more to this soon when I get to take it in, with headphones especially. But for now, I'm just really jazzed finally getting to hear it after 4 years so of waiting but doubting at the same time I ever would be able to.

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