Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Emanuel and the Fear - Hands EP (2011) (1.0)

5/17/11 10:21PM, 5/25/11 6:57PM

the whole thing is there to Stream for free, or download for $6 (and $2 to buy a hardcopy? since I was charged that and they took my address down).

The last song "Song For the Rain" sounds more or less a tribute or directly influenced by Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

1. Over and Over 05:19
2. Vampires 03:51
3. Purple Sunless Sky 03:51
4. Meadowlands 05:27
5. Song For The Rain 05:55

Good collection of songs. I need to hear them with headphones. But initially I would expect this to place high amongst 2011 EPs certainly, and possibly in the ole 2011 Index.

4/14/11 1:45PM

new song "Vampires"

Vampires by Emanuel and the Fear

3/14/11 7:01PM

some instrumental samples from it.

2/23/11 11:33AM

Facebook post

Today we are tracking the horns and tomorrow the strings/flute for the new EP "Hands". Mixing begins next week. All of this being done with the help of Mr Brendan Tobin (Made Out Of Babies/Red Sparrows).

Well, I'm rather curious about this. This band have seemingly a TON of potential, and Listen from last year has some of the best songs from 2010 on it. Who knows, their could be 4 or 5 tracks as good as "Jimme's Song" on it for all I know.

Along with the new Between the Buried and Me and Meniscus releases, this could be one-of if not my favorite, non-full-length release for 2011.