Sunday, May 29, 2011

New Godspeed You Black Emperor album coming?

Shitfork Media story

Well, lame P4K is the only source I can find at this time for this, but so be it. A new record from this band would certainly be a big deal to many, including myself. Although I wasn't one of the lucky people to see them live recently on their reunion tour.

My take on them more or less is, Skinny Fists is progressive rock in an epic nature, done rather well. Even as dark and melancholy as it can be. But it is "post" music, frankly, done the way it should be. With the long, drawn-out, methodical sections. There really is no filler on Skinny Fists. And that is where they stand out so much over their peers and 95% of their descendants.

But truth be, I own F♯A♯ on cd, and have only listened to it a couple of times. I recall liking it, but not nearly like Skinng Fists. The rest of their music, I honestly do not recall ever hearing. Yanqui U.X.O. and their EP Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada I probably just never got around to checking out. But with a new album coming, I may find the motivation, even if I consider their music still very *mood* no matter how good it is.

But especially for others, including the Hipsters of course, a new record from them could mean a ton. We'll see. I'd like to see something directly from the band themself about this. And saying "an album" is being planned/intended soon.

Maybe the fact Bin Laden is dead gave them motivation, lol.