Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Apples In Stereo - Travellers in Space and Time (2010)

3/3/10 12:23AM
the whole thing can be streamed here and there's pre-order links.

Fuck, this is goooooood!

bump 1/29/10 8:28PM

Comes out on 4/20.

1. "The Code"
2. "Dream About the Future"
3. "Hey Elevator"
4. "Strange Solar System"
5. "Dance Floor"
6. "C.P.U."
7. "No One in the World"
8. "Dignified Dignitary"
9. "No Vacation"
10. "Told You Once"
11. "It's All Right"
12. "Next Year at About the Same Time"
13. "Floating in Space"
14. "Nobody But You"
15. "Wings Away"
16. "Time Pilot"

Original 11/8/09 1:58AM

Tell me about the new Apples album you’re working on.
We started it last fall. It’s really, really different. My manager reprimanded me — it’s so different that he doesn’t want me to talk about it. It’s like there’s a party on a UFO, and everybody’s invited to come in. It’s sci-fi R&B. It’s not 100 percent different from various songs we’ve done, but it’s different from our albums, and it’s really, really different from the last one

Sounds intriguing enough. New Magnetic Wonder was a record that never got tiresome. I suppose a possible concern could be the fact the female singer (+ other things?) departed the band. She was a big part of what I liked about NMW from 2007. I guess we'll see.

Schneider is a good songwriter, certainly, so her absence hopefully won't matter.

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