Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record (2010)

3/9/10 12:10AM
track list added below.

2/19/10 10:01PM

1 World Sick
2 Chase Scene
3 Texico Bitches
4 Forced to Love
5 All to All
6 Art House Director
7 Highway Slipper Jam
8 Ungrateful Little Father
9 Meet Me in the Basement
10 Sentimental X's
11 Sweetest Kiss
12 Romance to the Grave
13 Water in Hell
14 Me and My Hand

Hear the 1st single/song "World Sick"

I like it overall. It's more melodic; however the "post-rock" sound is more subdued from hearing that. People still need to understand BSS are in fact a "Post Rock" band. They're the kind of "Post Rock" that actually is interesting. But they still have inherently some of the qualities of "Post Rock" in their sound. Why most people don't refer to them as "Post Rock" is baffling to me. But so be it. To digress..

I'm not sure with less evidence of "Post Rock" in their sound (if the rest of this record sounds like this song) if that's better or worse. Please don't become 2010's Vomit Collective guys, I know you're sohh much better than to allow the shitsters overhype and kill your quality.

original 2/1/2010 11:51PM

Pukefork Media interview with Kevin Drew (not my former classmate)

same day as "Together" from The New Pornographers, lol. BSS and The New Porno's release new albums the same day. The 2 (primarily-based) Canadian quasi indie supergroups. And frankly, the 2 proggy indie bands I associate with eachother (maybe along with The Decemberists).

When more info is available, this posting of course will be bumped.

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