Monday, March 1, 2010

"Indie Rock" should be referred to as "College Rock"

"College Rock" was penned in the early or mid 80's, because, of course the music of this style, for lack of a better term, was given this description becuase college radio stations and college hipsters were pimping it to their friends to seem cool and anti-mainstream.

Well fast-fwd about 10 years later, or let's say just the early-mid 90's and it was then called "alternative" or "alternative rock." Okay, but why the name change? it was still littered all over the college music scenes. And alternative? alternative to-what? for the most part, you could just call it alternative to good music, or alternative to musicianship even, lol.

So it took about 10 more years, but then in the early 2000's I'd say, the term "independent" and then shortened and raped much like "progressive" becoming the pedestrian "prog" people started pushing the word "Indie" everywhere.

And some 5+ years later now, the term "Indie" is used like it's been assumed to have been known (and used) since this style of music began as "college rock."

Why "indie"? because it comes from "independent" record labels? No, not a lot of it now. Because it's like "Independent Film"? Again, not necessarily. And I would say that at least the "independent" word with film fits better. As that is often set up with lack of rules and a financial limits.

You know what very likely will happen? sometime later this decade another term will come up, and it'll probably get raped and overused and be-as, if not-more inaccurate than "Indie" is, lol.

Just call it bloody "college rock" and don't go any further. And I guess all the "indie prog" I enjoy really deserves the term "college prog" and I personally wouldn't mind that at all.

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