Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ark - Aradiokaos (2010)

This might be slightly old news, but there's very little to no links about it until recently.

Apparently they are back together and have a new album coming out called "Aradiokaos."


not that I *know* or ever was a huge fan, but I mix with more than enough people..or mixed, over the years. Really from that period when they were active from 2000-2002, that went apeshit over them. I recall even Mike Portnoy was a fan.

I may have to revisit/visit their older work again (their 1st album some have posted is better than "Burn the Sun" but I seem to recall BTS getting more hype). Hopefully it's more than just the predictable progmetal that the demographics of fans also go for (Andromeda, Circus Maximus)..maybe more Shadow Gallery and Superior instead.