Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insurgentes - The Film (2010)

Steven Wilson's myspace blog

New Insurgentes clip
Lasse Hoile has posted up another clip from the Insurgentes film on his YouTube page here. This time it is SW's opinion on the impact of shows like Pop Idol on modern music.

We should have some news about a late 2010 DVD release of the film soon - in the meantime it continues to play at selected international film festivals. The latest confirmed is a screening in Argentina at Muséo Municipal de Arte Moderno de Mendoza, on 28th May at 20:30.

I want to see this. Dunno how likely you'll find me forking over the cash for a dvd (unless it's cheap or they threw in a copy of the album at least). Maybe Hulu or will host it (or youtube).

However, it doesn't mean the album is any better, more different (than PT/Blackfield) or original or anything. Any more than when it came out in 2008.