Friday, March 5, 2010

Royal Pains - Season 2 Premieres in June

In watching the Season finale of Burn Notice tonight, they showed ads for both In Plain Sights upcoming season and of course now Royal Pains. It starts airing new episodes in June.

But I haven't scowered the USA network's twitter's nor the website or forums to see what their plans may be with all these shows over the Summer. They may do 1 show per night. But that would have something moving to Mondays. Royal Pains or White Collar perhaps.

Or, another new show?

As for RP, I'm definitely looking forward to it's return in a few months. Hank Med was broke at the end of last season. So how that gets resolved, Hank's relationship with Jill (the female doctor) and her ex. And then the board that banned him. The similarities to Burn Notice seem to be there certainly.

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