Sunday, March 28, 2010

Judgement Day - Peacocks / Pink Monsters (2010)

3/28 10:00PM

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3/2/10 12:23AM
This upcoming record that is being released on April 13th, from this instrumental string-driven group who probably are now best known for their support of dredg on their American and European tours the last couple of years.

They're a unique group, especially live. Adding sort of a metallic and proggy edge for chamber-string music. I won't forget how at the show in Minneapolis in November'08, in some ways they outstaged dredg Great energy.

A bit like Apocalyptica but maybe less classical-music inspired? Or even The Diablo Swing Orchestra sans for the opera/vocal elements.

I have a couple of their discs, and I'd be lying if I said they weren't mood records at best. Good for just that, but they aren't exactly a Long Distance Calling or even a note. in terms of everyday play.

well maybe this new album of theirs will be?
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but I have to comment a bit on this video that for 1 of their songs, but also shows the creation of a piece of art. I guess 3 people spent 2 hours layering and layering what became (or may become?) the cover art for this record.

My confusion about this is, when capturing a mood or *tone* for in a piece of art, from music, often the 2 are similar or complement eachother. The fact they spent 2 hours going over and over on that 1 piece, almost seems to be over-done. Judgement Day's music isn't exactly as layered and complex as that painting seemed to find it's way to become.

The comparison I can make is seeing local Minnesota musician Jenny Dalton live a couple of times with dancers and of course what ended up being a charcoal artist, who spent a good portion of her performance adding-to, adapting, etc to said work, live then and there. But it definitely wasn't smothered with line-after-line and layer-over-layer the way that video looks to be. It was much more careful and spaced-out.

Now not being an art, painting, or drawing savant, i may be totally off on how well that piece fits with the JD music, but just on the surface, I'm a bit skeptical that work would be something that really captures what they put down on the album. But that remains to be seen right now of course.

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