Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pain of Salvation - Road Salt One (2010)

3/30/10 11:08PM

So they changed the official title (and artwork) to "Road Salt One" (from "Road Salt pt. 1,: Ivory").

-the release date is now May 17th, 2010

the samples? meh..it's too hard to tell really. But I am definitely skeptical. I don't think it'll be an awful record, but from where this band has come from, they quite possibly are a lot different now.

They're not really "prog metal" even as much as they used to be different and better than most if not the entire genre, they still had those awesome, melodic, crazy sections. I don't know if they are a band that does that so much now.

But later in the year (November) when "Road Salt Two" comes out (Ebony) perhaps an even clearer idea will be shown about who or what PoS are now. On the tails of Scarsick, I just sense they have changed a ton over the last 5 years since the glory days of TPE and Remedy Lane.


Road Salt One (also called Ivory) is now done! It is recorded, mixed, mastered and is soon pressed. The artwork has been finalized for both the Regular and Limited edition (see differences below), and the only task remaining right now is the artwork for the vinyl edition (it’s 1976 on steroids, how can we not have an LP version, right?).

For those who are curious about the album can listen to the unique preview tracks that have been uploaded to www.painofsalvation.se – already today, even though the album is not scheduled for release until mid-May!
Now, here is info about the editions and track lists:
Jewel case with 20 page booklet.

1. No Way (standard edit)
2. She Likes to Hide
3. Sisters
4. Of Dust
5. Tell Me You Don’t Know
6. Sleeping Under the Stars
7. Darkness of Mine
8. Linoleum
9. Curiosity
10. Where it Hurts
11. Road Salt (standard edit)
12. Innocence

Total playing time ca 52 min.
Fold-out digi pack with 24 page booklet.

1. What She Means to Me (bonus track)
2. No Way (extended edit)
3. She Likes to Hide
4. Sisters
5. Of Dust
6. Tell Me You Don’t Know
7. Sleeping Under the Stars
8. Darkness of Mine
9. Linoleum
10. Curiosity
11. Where it Hurts
12. Road Salt (extended edit)
13. Innocence

Total playing time ca 56 min.
Road Salt one is scheduled for release May 17 and will be available as CD (Standard), CD (Limited), LP and Digital Download.

Also when has any band put a *bonus track* as the 1st track on an album? I wonder if that was intentional, or kind of a tongue-in-cheek thing at "bonus tracks."

awesome video of Johan Hallgren singing "Road Salt" live.

3/21/10 1:22PM

babblemouth link

Sweden's PAIN OF SALVATION is tentatively scheduled to release its new album, "Road Salt - Ivory", in Europe on May 19 via Insideout Music. Frontman Daniel Gildenlöw previously stated about the CD, "It is a 12-track album of sweaty grovel, asphalt butterflies, untreaded paths and brave decisions. It will be presented to the world in one standard edition and one limited director's cut, of which we, of course, recommend the latter one."

He added, "See, as usual, we refuse to add some stuff haphazardly to put together a limited product — we always see the larger version as the 'real' one; the one that makes us the proudest."

I'd have bumped the other entries, but they changed a few things. Part 2 "Ebony" is supposed to be released in November I guess.

I'm a bit wary here. These 2 records very likely will make or break my feeling about what was up to recently, 1 of my favorite bands. If this and Ebony is pretty much of the quality of "Linoleum" and "Scarsick"..I would say they have more or less jumped some sharks. Coheed and Cambria's new turd has found them in a similar spot.