Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Renaissance - Grandine il Vento (2012)

3/26/13 4:53PM

From the Kickstarter Update. Hopefully I'll check this out tomorrow and maybe re-read Annie's below descriptions. I'm really stoked to finally get to hear this tho!

1 Symphony of Light 12:09
2 Waterfall 4:45
3 Grandine il Vento 6:30
4 Porcelain 6:42
5 Cry to the World 5:45
6 Air of Drama 5:21
7 Blood Silver Like Moonlight 5:16
8 The Mystic and The Muse 7:48

Annie Haslam describes the tracks:
Symphony of Light
A tribute to the genius Leonardo Da Vinci.
About the rainforests in Brazil… I have been there many times and love it!
Grandine il Vento
A love song that transcends life itself.
About an African village and the people who live there.
Cry to the World
Our ‘World Song’ in honour of Mother Earth and all who are part of her.
Air of DramaA love song about two people who come together again later in their lives in Paris, where they had first met.
Blood Silver Like MoonlightThis is a duet with John Wetton. He has been a friend for many years and I always felt our voices were similar in their timbre and range. I was told once by a ‘spiritual’ energy friend that John and I sang in the Angels choir together. That is what this song is about. Remembering the choir!
The Mystic and The MuseI was inspired to write this by two of my paintings The Mystic and The Muse. Although it is a fantasy in a way, I see Michael as The Muse and me as The Mystic.

The digital download links will be emailed to backers today - Tuesday March 26. The physical CDs will ship in early April.

9/28/12 1:38AM

I wish I could see them on this tour, but these samples sound rather promising, even if the record doesn't come out until 2013.

New Album Samples and More

Thank you for your continuing support and positive energy. This has been a summer of intense focus on the composing and recording of our new album, Grandine il Vento. We've barely had time to come up for air, let alone enjoy the summer. That said, the journey has been magnificent and we're now in the final stages of production; weaving in a couple of fantastic guest appearances before starting the process of mixing. To say we're multi-tasking is an understatement!

With this said, completion of Grandine il Vento is taking longer than we had originally anticipated. In order to keep you and your ears in the loop, here is a sampler of several songs from the album. The songs in the sampler are:

Symphony of Light
Grandine il Vento
Cry to the World
For those of you that missed the deadline for our Kickstarter pre-purchase album campaign earlier this year, you can visit our website and review some of the few packages that we are making available.

We are looking forward to seeing you on tour. If you haven't purchased tickets please do so and be sure to let your friends know. For those fans in the Philadelphia and New Jersey area, the Scottish Rite Auditorium is sold-out, but there are good seats still left for the Keswick Theater.

Once again, many thanks for your loyalty.


Annie, Michael, Rave, David, Jason, and Frank

3/30/12 11:56AM


kickstarter link (the EMBED isn't showing up for me here on Internet Explorer for some reason)

About this project
We cherish our fans, the music we have created, and the place we have earned in the history of progressive rock music. It is painful and disappointing that the very record labels who still happily profit from selling our extensive catalog of albums (from which we receive little if any royalties) have turned their backs and closed their doors to us in favor of working with quick-selling pre-packaged pop.

We have been composing a what we think will be the best album of our career. Thanks to KickStarter, social media, lovers of music and our own loyal fans, we are able to reach out directly to you in order to help us finance the recording and promotion of this first studio album in nearly twelve years: Grandine il Vento.

For your pledges you will receive an album we're sure you'll love, as well as enable us to record and distribute our music with pride and independence from the world of corporatized record companies.

We appreciate the role you will play in helping to make this endeavor a reality.

Thank you...


I'm pretty excited to hear this, although $40,000 via Kickstarter, while likely not impossible, is a little ambitious. By May 29th, and they're already at nearly $8600. I hope it goes through, and I shall be contributing of course. Hopefully others who may find this, will as well.