Monday, March 14, 2011

Painted In Exile - TBA (2011) (2.0)

Facebook announcement
bandcamp page

This is a teaser/trailer of sorts, that they announced they would be putting up on "Pi Day" (3/14/11).

And the title of this full-length debut record, I'm not clear on, but wonder based on that, if it could be a Self-Titled record.

I like what I hear, even 1 of the clips reminds me of the crazy technical band Brain Drill a bit. The rap section, the acoustic clip, the varied vocal styles, etc. There's still a lot of reason for optimism for this.

However, they need to be able to actually release it in some format of course (digitally via bandcamp? or maybe a label like Summerian would sign them?). That hasn't actually been announced at this point that I know/or have read.

Also the fact they are even allowing fans (or hoping they will?) pay $1.49 to download it from their bandcamp page raises an eyebrow.

Also the fact 2 of the members left the band recently raises another red flag.

But I am still rather optimistic about this album and their future, as they are one-of if not the most promising progressive extreme metal bands right now (along with What's Left of Her and a few others).

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