Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dogtooth (2010)

I'm not sure the best way to put into words in describing my take on this movie. Bizarre, largely black-comedy, sick, twisted, other-wordly, something from a parallel dimension. Dozens more adjectives in fact I could add.

But this was one of the most fucked up movies ever made. I came away from it almost thinking it is the screenwriter and director's idea of if dogs evolved to the point they lived a bit like humans. As if they still perceived the world as dogs do now, but with bodies and brains at a further level of evolution.

Replace Primates or Apes with Dogs, and this family might be what happened.

It's about a family living in an isolated part of the country. A father and a mother (whose role is pretty limited) along with their children. 2 sisters and a brother. Their may be a 3rd sister or member of the family that mixes with the children who are physically of age to be adult (in terms of a human body at least). But the 3rd female seems to be involved with the son in some ways, on a sexual level.

But keep in mind, the physical approach to each other has no regard for whose touching. In other words, the idea of incest pretty much is never considered.

I guess a few movies that came to mind when seeing this. Namely some of the Harmony Korinne pictures like Julien Donkey-Boy and especially Gummo. Along with 1 of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen in Happiness. Pretty much taking things to being as absurd, grotesque, and almost unconscionable as they can be, on a psychological level.

Also the dog element, I couldn't avoid thinking of the little-known movie Bark! about a guy whose girlfriend one day, starts acting-like she's a dog.

This film is not lite viewing. It's subtle, but not exactly something easily forgotten.

I guess a 2nd viewing might add something for me and anyone else, as things like many constant references to well-known Hollywood movies (and stories?) along with many words being used in code ("cunt" referring to a dandelion?) would help to take-in again and understand more of the thinking.

But one may think the people who made this movie either had a rather disturbing experience (childhood?), or were on some really deep, intense chemical when they came up with the script. It's definitely unusual for the sake of unusual. Strange for wanting to be anything but normal. And SHOCKING.

And actually, I wouldn't be surprised if many tried to watch it and decided to walk out of the theater/hit stop on their player. You could say it's a movie that requires patience and no expectations.

But with all that in mind, I can only mildly recommend it. Credit to the people making it for thinking outside the box, but ultimately, it's not a movie for everyone nor one I'm going to go to bat for 100%.