Friday, March 25, 2011

Fringe in jeopardy of being 86'ed Update: (there will be a 4th Season)

3/25/11 1:14AM
It got renewed for a 4th Season!

tvovermind report

no time to elaborate, but this is certainly good news to read about.

2/15/11 7:46PM

"Fringe is about to get cancelled, and it's all your fault!"

I have been rather negligent about including content on television of late. Or more or less things that are not music. I'm only one person, I wish I could clone myself. Maybe Walter could figure out a way to do that.

So, yeah, this story from some blogger on Zaptoit seems rather clear, this show is about to get the ax. Is it surprising? no, not really. It's a network show that is not a ratings winner. They just moved it to Fridays a few weeks ago. How often does any show on Friday or for this matter, getting moved to Friday Nights EVER get renewed? On Network TV: You could probably count that number on one hand.

The show itself, I guess early in the season with the Alternate Earth and everything, almost has re-invented itself and the show's story arc of sorts. Not that every episode is 5 or 10 times greater than the 1st 2 seasons or anything. And part of why this show stands out now, is with the continued lack of good, epic/episodic dramas on television. With Lost gone along with Battlestar Galactica, this seemed like one of the only newer shows to fill that void.

And it has somewhat well. It's not Lost, but it's still a rather engaging show. The writing is smart. You care about the characters. But apparently enough of the audience that has kept it on the air for 2 renewals, has jumped ship as it's time slot did.

We'll see if some miracle occurs, but I guess 3 seasons isn't bad compared to some other shows (recent Fox Scifi shows Terminator and Dollhouse); and it likely won't ever be accused of declining if it doesn't manage to come back for next fall/season.

I hope they at least are able to wrap it up well. Perhaps even bring back Mark Valley (Brad from Boston Legal) who was in the 1st season. And who knows, maybe Nimoy as well.

I suppose an afterthoughts kind of entry may appear when it's over (unlike a lot of others which are long overdue, but could happen I suppose, especially with cloning technology :p)