Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Painted in Exile - TBA (2011 projected) (1.0)

Just a bit of an update from them


Painted In Exile is currently working very hard on writing our upcoming full length CD so please excuse us if we seem a little hush. We are making sure this is going to surpass anything we've ever written and cover every ground that we didn't get to on Revitalized. We're a much more mature band now so the new music wi...ll also rub off that way. The Revitalized music video will be released this fall! - Painted In Exile

for some reason I scanned that over just a bit ago and thought it meant the ALBUM was coming this fall. No, as I thought THE 1ST TIME I read it, A MUSIC VIDEO is coming this fall. This album? if they manage to find a way to release it, my guess would be sometime next Spring. April/May-ish, maybe a bit earlier.

When ever it does manage to come out, certainly I have big hopes for it. The music industry and the Metal scene needs more bands like these guys. Although, I gotta keep my guard up a bit given I've seen many bands with promising eps, put out a full-length that doesn't fulfill that promise overall. But I guess I can't help not consider that happening to these guys. Their last EP is so good, it almost reminds me more of Everything Everything or Pure Reason Revolution a few years ago. They do too many things well to fall into that trap, at least for a debut record.