Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's Left of Her - Perceptions (2010) (1.0)

1 Prologue 1:26
2 Oceans 4:21
3 When I Was Human 2:18
4 In Extremis 3:31
5 A New Aesthetic 3:13
6 Timekeepers 2:35
7 Que Alt Two 1:11
8 Needlework 6:02
9 Fireball Jungle 5:01
10 Sleeping With Ghosts 2:45

"Progressive Deathcore" is one-term to describe these guys, like some may describe bands like Born of Osiris or Painted In Exile.

I've played this debut full-length album of theirs, which a digital version is totally free (here) from the band on their

Facebook and Myspace pages, three times over the last week. Actually, four times considering I streamed it 1st. And when I streamed it initially, I liked a lot of it, but was a little skeptical of the production on the cymbals and the vocal style and mix compared to the music.

Well, after a couple of times through, I am pleased to say neither of those 2 issues seem apparent. Cymbals sound clean, the vocals fit overall with their style. And maybe best, the compositions maybe work even better than I realized from that 1st time hearing them on PC speakers.

They use keyboards, namely some video-game like tones rather well. Born of Osiris did some of that on their debut record; but I'd say already, I think this album takes a lot of what BoO did on The New Reign and added or expanded upon it.

Now 3 or 4 times through, one other group I am reminded of to a point. Dark Tranquillity. The flow, energy, atmosphere, and mix of death growls with a gothic element. And the songs never over extending themselves.

This is almost like a Dark Tranquility-core album. And it's rather effective in doing that. I'm a little surprised on how much I'm enjoying it, but perhaps some of that has to do with how little I expected of it.