Monday, March 21, 2011

The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra - All Out of Peaches (2011). (1.0)

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1 All Out of Peaches 3:45
2 Ruby 1:21
3 Paparazzi 5:13
4 Memo 9 7:22
5 Cajun in Spurs 3:00
6 Straight to the Top 4:25
7 Five up Front 3:30
8 Minion 7:13
9 The Blaze 2:41
10 Ragabilly 4:23
11 At Cross Purposes 6:04

Here's an early 1x's hearing review I just posted on my rateyourmusic page.

Impressive follow-up to 2009's debut record Lookin' For a Little Strange. I just saw them live this past weekend (3/19/11), and I'm starting to warm up to the songs on this album as well. Among them, "The Blaze" "Minion," "Memo 9," "All Out of Peaches" "At Cross Purposes" and "Five up Front" were the band at their most technical and progressive I suppose. Or "New Grass Art Rock" as they (and/or others) are dubbing their sound.

I suppose depending how much time I give this album, it could get rated a little higher, but for now, it's an album that maybe is start-to-finish a little better than Lookin' For a Little Strange, but I'm not sure it has any tracks quite as memorable as "Dark Matter" or "Odd Men Out."

If you like Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, Dixie Dregs, Mahavishnu Orchestra or certainly John Wright's other main project Lehto & Wright; or even if you're a Rush fan (the band have covered YYZ, and namely Lisi Wright, TGCO's fiddle player, is a huge fan-of/is influenced by them), this band and album should be well worth your while to check out. And they're actually touring soon out East in the next few weeks (Philadelphia, North Carolina, New York City, maybe Boston even?).

edit: TGCO Calendar from their homepage
3/21 Rochester, MN
3/25 Geneva, NY
3/26 Hamilton, NY
3/27 Binghampton, NY
3/28 Scanton, PA
3/29 Philadelphia, PA
4/1 Winston-Salem, NC
4/2 Raleigh, NC
4/5 Atlanta, GA
4/7 IndianaSpolis, IN
4/8 South Bend, IN

But given recent history of incredible progressive albums from Lehto & Wright, Greg Herriges, Dean Magraw among others, I'm basically assuming this will be another terrific record that nobody outside of Minnesota and in this case, the Bluegrass and niche-jazz scenes will hear about. Why? I don't know, other than if people can't download it for free, they'll never check it out.

It's again, THEIR LOSS. Maybe years or decades from now, they'll be regretting it

I'll add more soon including just a link or 2.