Friday, March 4, 2011

Malajube - La caverne (2011) (1.0)

3/4/11 11:42AM

I don't have enough time go fully into detail, nor am I able to sample any of these videos, but having just learned today about this new record from this French-Canadian group, it's worth already posting something about it.

Drop date is April 19th. I enjoy each of their previous 3 records, maybe 2009's Labyrinthes the most. But this band are good enough, it wouldn't surprise me if they made something that tops all of them at some point.

They have this great mixture of pop, progressive rock, humor/silly-ness, and circus-rock elements, that can often work extremely well. They do sing in French which can be something that can hurt music to me (any non-english vocals) but in their case, I don't think it does much at all.

More to add soon.