Monday, July 27, 2009

Enchant, Shadow Gallery, Metheny oh my!

Enchant are playinjg the ProgPowerUSA "Showcase" on Thursday September 10th. Uhh..when it rains, it pours, and pours again. I fly in to Atlanta ON FRIDAY. Anyone got an extra $250 they want to give me so I can afford to change my flight and pay for a *separate ticket* for this event?

Shadow Gallery are now finished I guess with their new album; a record the late Mike Baker never got to sing for, but I guess was familiar with the music and perhaps wrote some of the vocal lines. Word is there will be a collection of singers for this including DC Cooper who was on their 1998 album "Tyranny."

As I've posted on some of the boards, DC Cooper is a nice singer, mainly on the 1 Royal Hunt record "Paradox" but as I understand it, he won't thankfully (I think) be doing a ton of the lead vocals. I guess they have a bunch of guests. Which hopefully will turn out to be for the better, but on paper, that almost looks like Ayreon (blech!). Except, I'd like to think with the SG DOING THE WRITING it'll be more of the quality of Shadow Gallery, than of the melodramatic, We-Are-The-World-With-Cheesy-Prog-Metal-Style variety that is Ayreon.

The drop date is targeted for late October/early November. However, unless I'm mistaken, they along with every artist that was last signed to Insideout Music/SPV it hasn't been explained how they will ACTUALLY RELEASE an album given their record label is bankrupt. An explanation surely should come before the end of the year for them, Pain of Salvation..Transatlantic and any of the other artists (who I care about, which to be honest, aren't that many anymore).

Pat Metheny is doing some kind of ambitious project called "Orchestrion" that I read about on the last night. I'm not clear if it's a studio project, live, or both. But it sounds a little bit like what Tim Reynolds has done live, with only him and a large assortment of technology to make 1 guitar sound like a full orchestra. It's a lengthly read, but check your Pat Metheny resources for more details.

It's supposed happen sometime in 2010 I guess.

I finally caught up with In Plain Sight (woohoo!) and some others. More blogs should be coming rather soon as the message board vacations/lurking continue to be an addictive practice.

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