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In Vain - Mantra (2010)

just a note, but not much else in terms of details. It's expected to drop in the First Quarter of 2010 as that says. So I'd imagine by April if not earlier.

In Vain's myspazz blog

Our label issues statement regarding album delay

Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution takes on new adventures.

Since the start of Indie Recordings and Indie Distribution in 2005 a lot has happened. Indie Distribution has grown from being a small Norwegian underground distributor, into being a significant player in the Norwegian music market . We are now handling labels such as Nuclear Blast, SPV Steamhammer, Metal Blade, Rough Trade and tons of others, and we feel confident that Indie Distribution is the no. 1 hard rock/metal distributor in Norway today. Indie Recordings started off as a small side project to Indie Distribution, as we felt the urge to work closer with bands than what we could do as a distributor only. Indie Recordings has grown from releasing relatively unknown acts on a rarely basis, into releasing several albums pr. month with acts such as Satyricon, Enslaved, Keep Of Kalessin, Audrey Horne, Borknagar, Shining (Halmstad), Godseed, Carpathian Forest + +. Having the opportunity to work with such fine musicians for the last years has been a great inspiration to us, and has motivated us to bring our business yet a step forward. So far Indie Recordings has been distributed via a third party outside Norway, and Indie Distribution has been a business focusing only on Norway – we find that now is a good time to change this. We are launching Indie Distribution as our very own international distribution starting January 2010. Indie distribution will naturally handle Indie Recordings, but we will also carry other respected Norwegian and foreign labels. More news on this will follow shortly.

On the contrary of what a lot of people might think, feel and say - we are confident that the future of the music industry is bright, and we embrace this challenge with courage and great passion for our work!

If you are a distributor that would be interested in cooperating with us – or a label looking for distribution - please get in touch with Erlend Gjerde via email; or phone; +47 23121780
We..ll be at the Wacken Festival July 30th – Aug 2nd and can meet face to face if you want to! Get in touch via email or cell + 47 45037053.

Upcoming Releases

Due to this change in our setup we have decided to postpone all releases previously scheduled for 2009 until 2010. This affects in particular Borknagar and In Vain, but we are confident they will be better off benefiting from our new setup.
Here is the tentative schedule for Indie Recordings in 2010. More releases will be added, and release schedules for additional labels will be available soon.

Band Title Catalogue nr/Formats Release

Gehenna First Spell re-issue w/bonus material INDIE012LP First quarter
Vreid LIVE DVD INDIE037DVD First quarter
Shining NOR New Album, Title TBA INDIE045CD/CDL/LP First quarter
In Vain Mantra INDIE015CDL First quarter
Borknagar Universal INDIE014CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX First quarter
Sahg Sahg III INDIE028CDL/LP First quarter
Mencea New Album, Title TBA INDIE043CD First quarter
Stonegard LIVE DVD INDIE038DVD First quarter
Audrey Horne New Album, Title TBA INDIE032CD/CDL/LP First quarter
Enslaved LIVE DVD INDIE039DVD/DVDL First quarter
Nattefrost New Album, Title TBA INDIE035CD/CDL/LP Second quarter
Solefald New Album, Title TBA IINDIE030CDL Second quarter
Keep Of Kalessin Reclaim Re-issue INDIE046CD/LP Second quarter
Funeral New Album, Title TBA INDIE042CD/CDL Second quarter
Keep Of Kalessin Reptillian INDIE033CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX Second quarter
Carpathian Forest New Album, Title TBA INDIE034CD/CDL/CDBOX/LP FALL 2010
Red Harvest New Album, Title TBA INDIE041CD/CDL FALL 2010
Gehenna New Album, Title TBA INDIE018CD/CDL/LP FALL 2010
God Seed New Album, Title TBA INDIE029CD/CDL/LP/CDBOX FALL 2010
Sarke New Album, Title TBA INDIE047CD/LP FALL 2010

Best Regards

PHONE: + 47 2312 1789
FAX: + 47 2312 1781
MOB: + 47 4503 7053

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