Monday, July 20, 2009


I suppose this blog may become a new spot to announce leaks as well. Links?..fat chance.


Cave In - "Planets of Old" (new EP)
Muse - "The United States of Eurasia"

my daily list right now:
As Tall as Lions ..for some reason, that song "Circle" is killing me to hear the whole thing. Hopefully soon.
Mute Math
Imogen Heap
Porcupine Tree
Ramona Falls

and then Stomacher "Sentimental Education." This band changed their name, and used to be known as "In Reverent Fear." Their debut/newalbum is already available to buy on their website. The IRF cd "Stomacher" is okay, but the samples of the Stomacher (band) debut album "Sentimental Education" on myspazz sound a bit too Thom Yorke vocal-wise and too Radiohead for me to even consider paying for it now. However, if I found a promo for a couple of bucks at Cheapo I might splurge. In the mean time, hopefully it'll surface and I'll know if I should spend the cash or not. Not a favorite band of mine, but still one I'll checkout their newest work if available affordably.

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Lorenzo Barbagli said...

I'm becoming addicted to "Circles", the best song by ATAL so far. I think if the whole album is as good as this song we'll have pleasant surprise from this band!