Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another movie and the obvious obscure names continue

I'm seeing the Michael Cera indie Paper Heart as the 2nd advanced screening at Lagoon Theater in as many nights. $9.99 was okay. Mainly Geoffrey Rush, as the voice of the failed/fake Angel was the reason to see it.

One of the more promising new Metal albums for 2009 may have finally found it's way into my headphones in European progressive death/melodic death band Persephone's 3rd? album "Shin-ken" which finally leaked yesterday. More to add, but save for the length (68mins) and some blatant Dream Theater influenced spots, this was pretty sweet. The chops are there and work for the most part. Melodies, interludes. They don't lose me for too long. Nice energy, and some ballsy guitar work at times. We'll see where it goes after a a few more times through.

Local band We Valedictorians I am intrigued by after meeting some of the members last night @Cheapo (and they weren't the only cool people I encountered there last night. 4 cute girls, 2 of them named Sara/h. i wish I could remember the other 2's names. They all sounded intrigued by Apes and Androids and dredg. Of course I mentioned this blog, but I also don't expect to ever see them again, but starnger things have happened. I probably had 10+ years on all of them sadly, which is something I hate to have to come to grips with; this age gap. But I still look 21 ha!, lol. Maybe I'll see them at dredg on August 9th.) The Of Montreal -> Apes and Androids name-dropping occurred. They seem like cool guys with interesting electronic and chamber-pop/rock? directed music. It's also worth mentioning, 1 of the members at least, is also in the band Total Babe as well who I saw last month on my birthday, and certainly are/were among my favorite new local bands to have learned about in 2009.

some other names from blogs in the works
Djamra a Japanese avant jazz-fusion act
The Flowers of Hell
Perfume Genius

also in the works: a aoty assessment. But these back-2-back movie passes-nights have delayed that a bit. Hopefully by this weekend if not sooner.

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