Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leaving Comments on this Blog

also a note: to those who may be wanting to leave comments. Um, if your comment isn't what I consider *tactful* it very easily will get deleted. That is the kind of bullshit I have had to put up with on the message boards. But here? sorry, but this is MY FUCKING BLOG. I don't need it anywhere, especially here. This is a place I get to say whatever the fuck I want. If you come here and read it, and don't agree or don't like something I've written, go get your own blog and complain. It's not your place, it's mine. Ya know, if it's tactful enough, I am likely to respect that and not delete said comment. But I'd say in most cases, if your comment isn't something I deem worth being publicly displayed here..i.e. it makes me or something I wrote about look bad, it's not worth having kept here. I have also removed Anonymous Comments. I'm sorry to have to do this, as I'm sure there may be many worth having published here. But sorry, if you're so tactless that you don't even identify yourself in some way (even though any registered account is just about as anonymous), than your words are even less worth having here. You're just being that much more small-minded than the words you are using to try and criticize. For even more reason, I don't follow why would I ever be able to respect that.

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