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If you want to make a list of your favorite songs of all-time. MAKE IT SHORT. On the Sound Opinions Message Board I've participated in Albums-of-the-Year polls, Favorite Artist Poll, and Favorite alltime-Albums Poll. But Songs? I have way too many to consider, and then RANK.

I got a headache, after listing over 400, and knowing all-too-well I was not including dozens and dozens. And I was up-against-the-clock in my procrastinating-habits of course. O well, the way this Poll is set-up, it's a lot different with 250 total songs to vote for, but a limit of 5 songs per 50 from 1 artist (I could have probably voted for close to 50 Marillion songs alone, lol).

My votes wouldn't/won't do much for the final results anyway. But it bugs me a little, knowing there's so many great songs that won't be named there. Even though of course those who read them, will forget most of them anyway.

Blech. So, in my new found time/effort to devote to this little blog, I have had far too many temptations to start spitting out a midyear albums list. Not tonight, but if I don't get my time hijacked too much, I could put something in here within a few days. At least I'll try and post a bunch of recent album reviews. As there have been a ton.

Warehouse 13, I'm mildy interested in having watched the 2-hour pilot. Saul Rubinek has an all-too familiar face from other shows, and is an actor generally worth watching. Joanne Kelly I recognized, but needed an imdb refresher to recall her work in both Jeremiah (Libby, Jeremiah's deceptive gf the 2nd season) and more recently in The Dresden Files playing the female vampire. My memory may not be great, but I think she looked much different in that show, than in Warehouse 13.

Plus the show includes Bagdad Cafe's CCH Pounder who like Rubinek, is usually worth watching in most work she does.

The previews for Caprica the Eric Stoltz Battlestar Galactica prequel show look promising. I just don't foresee paying $10 or whatever to see the 2-hour Pilot right now. SyFy (new silly name. "Skeefee" would have been a better new name :p) better air it, otherwise it would be kind of pointless to start the show from Episode 2 (or 3?). I'll wait.

Torchwood 5-day Mini-series airs on BBC America next week I believe. Even though they killed off Owen and Tash, both characters I liked, I am yearning for more of this show. As long as RTD can limit (or eliminate) most of the gay overtones.

White Collar is a new show that airs on the USA Network this fall as well. Starring Saved By the Bell's Tiffany Thiessen and Matthew Bomer the dude who played Bryce Larkin on Chuck among other cast. The premise? the jury is still out on.

I'm seeing Harry Potter: And the Half-Blood Prince finally on Thursday. I'm looking forward to this, as it was a comeback in the book series I felt. I'll try and post something on rateyourmusic and in here soon after.

Monk is not taking a midseason/fall break in this it's 8th and final season. 16 episodes, and more or less 16 weeks. A few breaks likely, but it'll probably end around X-Mas or early in 2010. What I'm not clear on is, what USA Network will air in the Winter on Fridays to pair up with Psych. Or, might Psych also be airing through the Fall as well? If that is the case, Friday Nights will become a rather busy evening; with Smallville and Dollhouse already on my plate.

But in the mean time, Friday August 7th is the big premiere night for both Monk and Psych. Both of which I think have representatives at Comic-Con 2009 (Psych does, I think Monk does as well) which I'd like to attend someday (I think), but will be looking forward to G4's television coverage next Saturday, July 25th. A 2-hour Star Wars special I guess, starts at 1PM (Central) and then 3 or 4 hours of other coverage. The SW content I imagine may be involving some of the gawd awful animated show (why they didn't stick with the style of the original Clone Wars mini-series, is mind-boggling. but it's George Lucas. fucking up his own previously good work's legacy comes natural to him). But perhaps some other content will be about the new live action television show, which i guess has been pushed back a handful of times (like the Animated show was).

Even if it sucks, I will check this out. Like Sundance, there's always the possibility celebs will show up unexpectedly of course.

The Time Traveler's Wife is only about 1 month away (forbidding no more pushbacks). And Where the Wild Things Are comes out October 16th. I'll just state this now, as I did recently. I see that, partially due to the fact ya got Spike Jonze directing, as my leading candidate for film of the year. It may not end up being the best movie I see this year, but it certainly the most anticipated movie for me in many years. I do like, and often prefer it when an album, or movie in this case, catches me by surprise. Comes out of nowhere to wow-me. But this may be one of the 1st times, I've known about a movie this far advance that may. 2006's The Science of Sleep may be the last example of this. Will it receive any awards come Oscar/Globe/IFP time? probably not, given my luck. Maybe Jonze will, but that'll be it. So be it. I've come to expect it anyway with my taste.

I'll maybe write something more soon about the 4 lost-live concert experiences of 2009. The names are just to note for now.

Pain of Salvation
The Dear Hunter
Kiss Kiss
Andre Matos

all of them are/were significant. TDH and PoS at least I have seen, but it's a big deal to miss them no matter. PoS's case, it's been 5 years. Even if Progressive Nation would have only given them 30 minutes. Personally and for so many others, it's hard to still accept, until they find a way back here. And Matos, it's been 12 years. He was on my list of acts/singers I need to see before I die. He still is. I thought a dream came true with his ProgPowerUSA announcement. The Visa's and customs process through the government played too large a role. Should I expect him to try and come again? I suppose, but I may be more gunshy before buying my ticket and believing it'll be true. Marillion's deal in '04 was hard to believe. And the Soundscape album. Transatlantic and someday the Kevin Gilbert albums. I dunno, keeping my hopes low is the best learning experience I guess. It would have killed me 7 or 8 years ago probably, but it still stings.

Kiss Kiss reasonably could be back. But they never came here over many tours. However, if they don't soon, I will try and find the funds to trek to NY and try and see them along with hopefully Apes and Androids. Sucks to have to spend some cash, but if I find it in my budget, and the cost isn't insane like the Marillion weekend in Montreal, I don't see why I wouldn't want to. $500 for Kiss Kiss and likely Apes and Androids? as long as they don't break up (like The Stiletto Formal sort of did! :\ ) it'll totally be worth it. I just need to keep my eyes on their concert schedules. A&A's have been quiet the past few months, which may not be a good sign, or possibly could be a sign of something good (new album in 2010?..I sure hope so).

the time is getting late, so this report needs to conclude for now. As they say, that's the news, and I'm 5000.

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