Friday, July 24, 2009

The Reign of Kindo News...

I just noticed this (although it may be a few weeks old)
The Reign of Kindo who put out a pretty nice jazzy-prog pop album last year in "Rhythm, Chord and Melody," have some new work on the horizon. An EP and a full-length soon.

hello all,

SO. i know it seems like we've been slowly disappearing for a while. this is not the case.

after a time of going back and forth with people and trying to decide what possible step there was for this band other than breaking up, we are very, very excited to announce that we have officially signed with CANDYRAT RECORDS.

some of you will recognize the name from having seen musicians like andy mckee, antoine dufour, or any other one of their superbly talented roster on youtube.

seriously, check some of the stuff out. we plan on having an ep out sometime in early to mid november, with a full length following soon after. basically what we did on 111.

which of course brings me to mention and emphasize how important 111 has been to the life of kindo, how grateful we are to them, how fantastic of a label they are and how honored we are to have had such a good relationship with them. we continue to be friends and supporters of the label, and Candyrat is extremely eager to push and promote the 111 albums just as much as our new music.

so yea. thats whats up. we are going to start recording some of the new music soon (we are very, very happy with how it is coming out). you'll be seeing new videos and all that good stuff. aaaaaand yep. smile.gif hope this finds everyone well..even though that is unfortunately and physically impossible.

the reign of the water temple and how it is so annoying to have to keep switching the water level every time you want to do the smallest thing.

Also worth adding of course also on CandyRat Records, Dean Magraw.

etc..I just got back from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Hopefully words can be shared soon.

Trying to catch-up on this Torchwood mini-series, just a bit into the 2nd episode. Intriguing story; sometimes I enjoy this show much more than Dr.Who due to them taking more risks or being more liberal in the storytelling, etc.

a few upcoming events:
"Exit Stage Right" the local Rush tribute is doing a 2-hour special show tomorrow night.

Greg Herriges is playing the 2nd Annual St.Catherine's Art Fair on Saturday afternoon.

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