Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arsis - Starve for the Devil (2010)

A note as this is the title of the next Arsis LP, to be expected in early 2010. "We Are the Nightmare" was an excellent tech/death record from 2008, so I would hope for something of similar or better quality. One note I guess is their original drummer rejoined the band for this album; which given my lack of interest in their drummer live and how much I enjoyed their last album, the jury is probably gonna remain out about that.

also just now...

The Color Turning: another new name. Sort of remind me of how I feel about The Stills, just from the myspace. They have enough for me to like them, but nothing outstanding as far as I can tell. Their debut disc "Good Hands Bad Blood" just came out earlier this year. It sounds like they use some samples, which is something that could win me over when I checkout the record. However, some groups also use sound-bytes and it doesn't necessarily demand I listen to them regularly because of that.

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