Friday, July 17, 2009

Another new song to hear (watch) from Imogen Heap's "Ellipse" album

go here to watch the video for "Canvas"

pretty fucking surreal and rather melancholy.

Between that and "First Train Home" which you can find on many youtube links and was released as a single on Tuesday (and can be found on any number of other links to stream and/or downloaded) I'm thinking "Ellipse" could be

a) a much different style/toned album than "Speak For Yourself."

b) and/or could be more varied.

why I say that is SFY was such an energetic and catchy record. Sure it had the textures and a unorthodox approach to using electronic style into pop music, but at least from those 2 new songs, she didn't want to make SFY Part 2. Which seems to be a common approach recently, and I in most cases applaud.

Trying to be different than your last work, overall, I prefer. But I guess once the rest of it leaks, the result will tell how much different Ellipse actually is.

I do like both of these tracks, so no matter, my anticipation for this album, if anything, has only gone up.

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