Saturday, July 18, 2009

Short notes about Kiss Kiss and Fair to Midland

another brief one to pass along outside of twitter.

Kiss Kiss whose latest album "The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left" I need to review on here (I know!), and were part of the 4-band group thus far I should have seen live this year, I may not. Anyway, I think some folks might find this in interesting. A video of Rebecca, their violinist, talking about her gear.


the embed code they give there I haven't been able to get to fully work.

Watching that I can say:
she's extremely cute talking about geeky-gear stuff. And it only pains me more to know I didn't get to see her and the band play last weekend.

Fair to Midland just posted this on their twitter

"By popular demand, we are re-releasing inter.funda.stifle! Stay tuned for details!"

inter.funda.stifle (IFS) is arguably as good if not BETTER record than the album that everyone knows them for in "Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True" and I think they repressed IFS a couple of years ago after so much demand for it. But I imagine they sold out/ran out of copies. I sincerely hope with this re-release more people will come to the feeling I have about it (or more importantly, be FAMILIAR with it). While sure, 6 songs were re-arranged and re-recorded from IFS for FABLES, they are still *different* versions and also work really well on that album (and it's concept). Not to mention the other tracks that were not put on FABLES. IFS doesn't have a bad song on it. "Orphan Anthem'86" "Granny Niblo" "Timbuktu" "Abigail" "Quince"..all of those are among the best songs FTM has ever written. This should be great to finally have a wider familiarity for them, the way many of the FABLES tracks are.

Now, if only there were some way to get their debut cd "The Carbon Copy Silver Lining" re-released?..wishful thinking at this point sadly.

Also, more FTM stuff isn't far away given they've been writing and then recording for nearly a year now. Their next album, I'm not expecting until the Spring 2010, but stranger things have happened. Perhaps another ep or something 1st. But it's sooner rather than later, for when we get to hear their next all-new work.

Some new names: OperaHouse (RIP?) lol, I just discovered them and their debut album just came out in April, lol! wtf. Reminds me of The Ebb and Flow in that I discover them just months after they breakup what was an all-too-short career.
The Old Soul.
both of those I purchased cds from yesterday at Cheapo. And then some names to checkout after sampling Beirut (the trumpet/mariachi thing may get me. Some dude told me about them at the Paper Route show back in April, I think it was.)
Skidmore Fountain and Ego Plum and the Ebola Music Orchestra: the album I sampled from this band sounded a bit melodramatic sadly. But on paper, they seem like a potential good Indie Chamber pop/rock group.

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