Thursday, March 28, 2019

OT: House

Irony Irony Irony

Like with Down Payment Assistance or even trying to apply to live at the Schmidt Lofts years ago,
My wife and I earn TOO MUCH money to qualify to put an offer and buy clearly the BEST HOME we have seen so far (we've seen something like 12).

I just think it's kind of unfair.

This home we loved the other night has certain financing restrictions and as it turns out, is a HUD home.

Vague details:

Per Zillow (which isn't necessarily fully factual), it sold in 2003 for $900K.

Then was bought for $35K in 2008 by a Non-Profit.

The last decade and change it was refurnished, updated, and looks really LIVE-ABLE.

Exactly what we would want and then some.

A 4 fucking CAR GARAGE, lol. And 2 FULL BATHROOMS (+1 other).

The listing is in my wife and I's budget.

But nope, our income is too high and it doesn't matter that we are 1st Time Home Buyers.

Too Good to be True of course.

My question being, whoever does qualify to buy it, if their income is so low, how in the world can they afford a $1000+ per month MORTAGE??? Maybe I'm totally naive, but it's puzzling.

That to go along with the health of our nearly 13 year old dog Coco, things have been better I guess.