Friday, March 15, 2019

The Dear Hunter - "The Acts" (Box Set)


Act VI will be a Movie. A screenplay was written. When may it come? it sounds up in the air, per it may be 10 or more years from now, per it would need to be made in Casey's vision, which I totally follow.

A little like Porcupine Tree's Deadwing? (remember the SCREENPLAY SW and a friend wrote for it..some 15+ years ago. I would still love for that to be made someday).

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Video on Instragram 3/15/19
I think enough time has passed while trying to do this thing in secret that it’s probably okay to admit to its creatively induced coma.
There’s a space in the box set for a record Id really love to make, but it’s possible that I won’t get that opportunity—and I’d rather close the book than finish something the wrong way.
All things considered, you may have the only piece of art that will be released from Act VI... I dunno. Kinda cool? Maybe. Like I said, I dunno.

The whole Acts series in a Box Set (Boxed Set) and then "The Fox and the Hunt"

I own all the albums in multiple formats, in some cases, multiples. I don't know if my house-hunting budget allows me to afford the $180, but I wish it did. And I'm sure other fans will need it.

The other part is the write-up about it below, almost feels like it is the end of "The Acts" for The Dear Hunter.

But Act VI? the plan was since I got into them, for them to make 6 Acts to tell the story.

And awhile back I remember Casey saying stuff about Act VI when asked, that (I'm paraphrasing) 
"it has a chance to be something unique/special/different"

I can't find the quote, but I did find another interview here 

Have you had an opportunity to look beyond Act VI and consider what might be on the horizon for the Dear Hunter?
I actually do have an idea for a record that I’ve already been kicking around. Whether or not it comes around before whatever Act VI is going to be, I’m not entirely sure, but I will say that I know what album I’m going to be making next and already started kicking around some songs for it. There are future releases in the pipeline that are not very far off at all—like next year, hopefully early next year. I think I’m okay with finally stepping away from the traditional record cycle, and having the studio and the team that I trust, why would I allow the years to just roll on without doing the thing that I love doing? 

Film, Play, Interactive Website, Orchestral versions of many of the tunes? 

Or a big massive Graphic Novel?..maybe to come after all the 5 Acts Graphic Novels have come out? (which will likely take some YEARS). 

So I imagine more information could be coming around or after the Box Set is released. Even just about those other albums (Indigo-themed record? and there was another concept or type of album or someone I thought Casey mentioning wanting work with (beyond Kimbra and even say Jessy Ribordy again).

Facebook video


It’s difficult to pick which detail I should divulge first, but I will begin by announcing “The Acts”, a comprehensive collection of my band, The Dear Hunter’s record series of the same name.

I’ve wanted to compile these records into a single collection since the release of Act V, but there was one missing link, which leads to the next part of the puzzle.

At the time of recording Acts IV and V, I had the privilege to work with Conductor David Möeshler and his Awesöme Orchestra. Prior to our initial recording, I was introduced to the work of the composer Brian Adam McCune, who also works with David as an orchestrator and arranger for the various collaborations and musical experiments of AÖ.

Brian and I developed an immediate musical kinship, and in discussing the forthcoming recordings, I told him the hope I had of focusing the orchestration/arrangement on a dual purpose—both as a featured element of our albums, and as an isolated listening experience.

This meant writing and arrangement elements that would not be used at the time of Act IV/V’s release—the result of which is “The Fox & the Hunt”.

At roughly 57 minutes long, “The Fox & the Hunt” holds a strong tether to its parent pieces, but is meant to be experienced on its own, and we are so excited to share it with you as part of this comprehensive collection.

While “The Fox & the Hunt” is meant to serve a dual purpose, it was vital that we made this collection feel cohesive- and I am so excited to say we have enlisted the incredible artistry of Nicky Barkla, who painted the covers of Acts IV and V.

While the visual side of this musical story has always been a top priority, Nicky’s work represents a different level of inspired creation that was vital to incorporate in the albums which predates her involvement, and so, she has created 3 new covers for Acts I-III, building upon the inspired intrigue and beauty she brought to Acts IV and V.

With that, the collection finally feels complete, and of a singular identity. I look back on these 5 albums in disbelief of the journey I have taken- and it has been due, in no small part, to the loving ear you have all lent to this music, and the endless support and belief you have shown me, and my band.

Thank you all. I hope you enjoy.

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