Sunday, March 3, 2019

Amanda Palmer - There Will Be No Intermission (2018-2019)


Release date is this coming friday, but the whole thing is already streaming:

NPR's Stream Link

I'll have to give it a go tomorrow at work (assuming I have time, I have 2 meetings scheduled).

Or I may have to pull my flash drive out of my car and try and check it out there and/or at home tonight if time allows.

I still think this may be a sleeper, although I hope I don't get the feeling I and others got after big hopes for the Typhoon album Offerings from last year.

This thing is being released on March 8, 2019.

Her email from the email list was a novel, but that's par for the course for Amanda.

I could quote some of it; maybe later.

I will just say, it sounds like a very well-thought-out, reworked, played live, demo-ed, etc labored-over record.

her most emotional yet of course.

AMBITION may be the key work with it.

Theatre is Evil was awesome and Who Killed Amanda Palmer had many songs I loved.

This sucker may be as great as she talked about in that email.

20 tracks, 10 instrumentals, and 77 minutes. A concept album I imagine?

As I posted in the 2018-2019 preview..a bit of another sleeper...that is until now, since I know about and have large hopes for it now.

There Will Be No Intermission.png
1. All the Things 1:23
2. The Ride 10:13
3. Congratulations 0:37
4. Drowning in the Sound 5:45
5. Hold on Tight, Darling 0:40
6. The Thing About Things 5:35
7. Life's Such a Bitch Isn't It 0:33
8. Judy Blume 6:45
9. Feeding the Dark 0:20
10. Bigger on the Inside 8:29
11. There Will Be No Intermission 1:01
12. Machete 6:09
13. You Know the Statistics 0:38
14. Voicemail for Jill 5:34
15. You'd Think I'd Shot Their Chicken 1:43
16. A Mother's Confession 10:37
17. They're Saying Not to Panic 0:27
18. Look Mummy, No Hands 5:30
19. Intermission Is Relative 0:54
20. Death Thing 5:00