Saturday, March 2, 2019

Meaningful Songs: Genesis - Back in N.Y.C. (+ 2 Covers)

Genesis - Back in N.Y.C.

Ever since getting into Genesis and not long after, Kevin Gilbert, I've loved this tune. I don't put it #1 among the Genesis song list, but it's damn close (top 5 for sure).

The dynamics and crying out vocal performance is off the charts. Some of Gabriel's best vocal lines and lyrics (despite the subject matter..the metaphors are kind of genius).

But then hearing Kevin Gilbert do his own, magical interpretation, it went up there into the stratosphere as a Goose-bump staple tune.

The metaphor of masturbation "cuddling the porcupine" just in terms of the build and crescendo and *climax* just fits/works. Even though I don't necessarily think about that from this tune, I can totally follow how it came to be.

It just works and fits that feeling perfectly.

And this latest interpretation I just came across tonight from District 97 and Leslie Hunt live at ROS Fest a few years ago, brought another wonderful rendition to this. Another take, yet still maintaining the brilliance of this song. The comment about Joan Jett I can sort of follow, but Leslie really came up with something on it.

No time for romantic escapes..fluffy heart is ready for...

Kevin Gilbert's studio version

District 97's live cover at ROSFest a few years back. Featuring of course vocalist Leslie Hunt.