Monday, March 18, 2019

Pepe Deluxe - The Surrealist Woman [1B] (2019)

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Coming on Friday March 15th. No Preorders

7" single with a 200 pages of Artwork?


Pepe Deluxé "The Surrealist Woman" - out on 15TH MARCH

Q: What's the opposite of "Minimalism"?
A: That's "Pepe Deluxé"

Here's the outside & inside cover art of The Surrealist Woman gatefold 7". The barmy "more is more" design of Monsieur Vilunki 3000 meets Manuela Pertega's over 200 pages of "Giraffes on Horseback Salad" graphic novel art. Vilunki kept adding details - even after the artwork had officially been accepted. That's very similar to the way we make music. I'm notorious for tweaking the mixes - sometimes even after they've been mastered - sorry about that Henkka! 

The 7" is NOT pressed vinyl; instead each and every record is hand cut, and they all sound slightly different. They are also signed and numbered. Even the sleeves are hand made. This is indeed quite a special release.

We also managed to solve the "little" copyright problem we ran intro, and FINALLY got a release date from Catskills Records: 15th March! To be precise: that's when the digi comes out and we have the first run of vinyl at the (hopefully ready) Catskills webshop. The second run of vinyl comes out a week later.

I also asked if there's gonna be a preorder link, but unfortunately the answer is no. Sorry about that!

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Hell to the fuck yeah!

will bump of course once the track is up, available, etc.

Any new Pepe Deluxe is something to plan for!


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Pepe Deluxé presents: The Surrealist Woman

The Theme from Salvador Dalí's "Giraffes on Horseback Salad" starring The Marx Brothers!

Here's the single's front cover art by maestro Vilunki 3000. I'll post the rest of the art next week.

I also have a release date... but I was asked by Catskills not to reveal it yet as there's a tiny bit of a problem. During all those years when we sampled everything and made music using other people's music, we never had any last minute issues with rights. We did clear a LOT of samples, but we also "remade" plenty of samples - including the "Before You Leave" vocals. Well, with that one there was really no choice as EMI was asking £ 250 000 for the Nina Simone sample: "I beg your pardon? You said HOW much?!" :)

Anyways, this time we do have a "last minute rights thingy" (that's a professional term you know) and we need to quickly replace a few vocal details in the The Surrealist Woman. Feels almost like the good old days!