Thursday, March 28, 2019

East of the Wall - NP-Complete (2018-2019)


Whole Album Streaming on Metalsucks 

haven't heard it yet, but I'm debating not listening to all of the Twins Opening Day for this.

Album of the Year (or at least Top 10) SLEEPER????


"Non-Functional Harmony"

edit: the last 3 minutes are godly. Like The Apologist-amazing. Probably the best track heard so far. This album is seeming better and better.


"Somn 6"

Yep, another banger. This album is sounding better and better with each new tune.


Story with VIDEO for "Clapping on the Ones and Threes"

great tune! and very cool Short animated Film/Video, etc.

I wonder if the older guy ends up killing in-effect a younger version of himself? I dunno, I'll have to watch it again and read through the lyrics. The Film/Video has a bit of Tool vibe to it. 

But very progressive, dynamic, melodic. I don't mind the vocals being all-clean.

The article mentions I recall the band being a 3-piece now, and it appears they are in the film/video. I didn't realize that 1 of the members left.

But regardless, this adds to my interest for sure. If this album is even close to The Apologist I may get addicted to it. 

Preorder RELEASE DATE MARCH 29TH, 2019.

Image of East of the Wall - NP-Complete 2xLP *Preorder

Silly song title, but once I get a chance to hear this tomorrow, that may not matter.

In short, I LOVE The Apologist from 2011 and Farmer's Almanac is another favorite. Their last album Redaction Artifacts from 2013. I honestly don't recall all that much about.

I also dug their Nick Drake cover of "River Man" quite a lot a few years ago (picking up the 7" vinyl in fact).