Friday, March 1, 2019

Meaningful Songs: Savatage - Chance (+Circle II Circle Acoustic)

Savatage - Chance

So I recently saw a live Acoustic version shared on Social Media the other day, and I've decided to share it in here.

Chance has been and probably always will be my favorite track from Savatage (who have many, probably many others could find the "Meaningful Songs" category).

It's a masterwork in studio tracking multi-layered vocals. And Zak Stevens along with hired-gun Alex Skolnick create some of the most perfected kind of progressive metal.

Or think like Queen doing prog metal in some ways.

The dynamics are so well crafted. The emotion just cries out throughout.

I know some if not purely the inspiration came from the loss of the great Criss Oliva, and I know the Handful of Rain album did and was kind of Savatage at their darkest or bleakest point.

But of course with sadness can come some of the greatest art work.

I really can't say enough things about this piece, which has totally stood the test of time some nearly 25 years later.

If you have never heard it or Savatage, it may well be totally worth your time.