Friday, March 8, 2019

Jimmy Gnecco w/ Royston Langdon @ 7th Street Entry 3/7/19

This is I count the 8th time I've seen Jimmy Gnecco live, and only the 2nd Solo. The 1st Solo as a quasi-Headliner in the "Someone to Die For" tour.

The other being when he opened for Greg Laswell which oddly, I believe was the last time I saw him, at The 7th Street Entry as well in 2013? I think it was.

Just Jimmy and April Bauer, no full-band. Jimmy on Acoustic guitar and April played on a number of tunes, adding synths (mellotron patches?).

Royston aka Leeds joined Jimmy for a couple of David Bowie tunes which were fun, although I would have enjoyed Jimmy singing some on Life on Mars?

But it was pretty epic, and the set list and length was not planned.

A lot of crowd interaction and storytelling, some maybe I might try to edit-in that I don't have time right now for.

the New Age Heroine stuff was great, Fly even more stripped down, was still the epic piece that it is. And the title track.

Even Made to Love, which is 1 of the tunes I'm only luke warm about on the record, was quite moving live.

The song on that is "Unknown" I think I know, but am not certain if it's unreleased or a song off 1 of the versions of The Heart (The Bells?)..The Bells is 1 of my favorites and has this cool busy guitar outro, which Jimmy played on the tune that I believe is marked "Unknown."

Anyway, time is not on my side, but yeah, another epic show from Jimmy.

There's some stuff he mentioned about Spectacular Sight and other anecdotes that would be worth sharing soon, hopefully in due time.

Also a shout-out to Rachel and Beth, 2 other Ours fans who remembered me from many shows I attended in the past. Local-Ours fanatics like myself.

Red Colored Stars (Ours song)
Here Is the Light (Ours song)
I'm a Monster (Ours song)
Bleed (Ours song)
Ashes to Ashes (David Bowie cover) (with Royston Langdon)
Life on Mars? (David Bowie cover) (with Royston Langdon)
(Unknown, The Bells?)
The Heart
Made to Love
Sometimes (Ours song)
Medication (Ours song) (Partial; straight into next song)
Dizzy (Ours song)
I Heard You Singing
Across the Clouds
New Age Heroine
The Worst Things Beautiful (Ours song)
Places (Ours song)