Thursday, March 7, 2019

The Pneumatic Transit - Chordae Tendineae (2018-2019)

So Jeff Zampillo of the instrumental jazz-rock/fusion/prog band The Pneumatic Transit got in touch with me on Facebook the other day and told me about the 2nd TPT album coming out soon.

And in order to create buzz (however I can), he sent me the information about access to hear this 2nd LP Chordae Tendineae which is looking to come out sometime this Spring (May/June).

Concerto for Double Moon was one of my favorite records when it came out in 2015 and one of the better instrumental albums of the 2010's. Although I'll confess to not listened to it all that much since that year, but I really enjoyed back then and should revisit it soon, especially after hearing this new/follow up album.

I can say this, all 4 pieces have moments to enjoy, I think largely the 1st half-2/3 of each track.

The 1st track "Atriums" early on here, I probably found myself lost in the 2nd half where a lot of it sounds quite improvised. The Sax solo specifically; which almost sounds more Free-Jazz in a way.

"Casino Mouse" is quite good, energetic and catchy at points. Could the title could be taken from Al Di Meola + Chick/RTF? (Casino is a Di Meola record, and "Senor Mouse" from Chick). The trumpet work stands out on this one certainly.

"Residual Sentience" I think worked the best among all of these tracks start-to-finish

"The Fountain and the Feather" has some sections that remind me of The Mars Volta, from the Frances the Mute period. The groove works really well and the math-rock phrases really make parts of it.

This album has some different instrumentation to Concerto for Double Moon; saxophone, trumpet among some others,.

the cover art is intentionally blurry by the way.

1. Atriums 12:55
2. Casino Mouse 13:08
3. Residual Sentience 9:46
4. The Fountains and the Feather 12:44