Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Talk Talk - New Grass (and maybe more to be Edited-In?)

Okay, I checked this piece out among a bunch of other Talk Talk tracks the last few days and I can claim this may be the 1st piece I am kind of "getting" from them.

It's not mind blowing or life-changing that I can tell to me, unlike many fans feeling about especially those last 3 Talk Talk albums; but it flows and it has enough of a nice Jazzy atmosphere that I follow the appeal without it dragging or seeming pretty boring (compared to many other pieces from Spirit of Eden and The Colour of Spring I have listened to).

Maybe Laughing Stock is the record that will work for me?

I dunno. I can see some of the better Sigur Ros work drawing from this.

I mean I don't expect to be grabbed by them suddenly like XTC did at 1 point for me, but I probably think giving more of their music more time could be worth it. Maybe even The Party's Over and It's My Life given they are more New Wave/80's Pop stylistically I guess.