Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Mike Portnoy's SF - This Dying Soul (w/Daniel Gildenlow)

There;s been a lot about Cruise to the Edge 2017 the last few days, and Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress band revelead, playing the 12-step 5-song suite, etc.

This is the 1 that had me the most curious given it was Daniel Gildenlow singing.

Ted Leonard of Spock's Beard and Enchant also sang "The Root of All Evil"

the band is members of Haken and Eric Gillette which I guess I'm happy for the Haken fans and for Mike obviously to finally play this. Not being into Haken (and honestly, just not following their massive appeal), I guess I can't find myself obsessed over the fact they are in this band of his,

That being said and this performance, etc there will be a bunch of other events for this band to play the 12-step Suite over a number of months in 2017, so I suppose I can take the CTTE debut with a grain of salt.

Kind of wonder if Daniel Gildenlow and Ted Leonard will be available for those other dates, but if so, all the better as far as consistency, etc.

On a side/related note, Eddie Trunk's radio show has been enjoyable to check out from Cruise to the Edge. A lot of nice interviews and discussion.

Also 1 other thing, in checking some of the other clips out, there's 1 of Liquid Tension Experiment's song "Paradigm Shift" and it occurred to me while listening to it, that it has a very similar riff/rhythm to the King's X song "Moanjam"..which is odd how that I never noticed that before. And it makes me want to see like Ty Tabor and/or Dug join Mike and maybe Tony Levin sometime and play a mashup.

Or maybe Umphrey's McGee could, if they never do? lol.