Tuesday, February 7, 2017

General Update 2/7/16

I don't do these a lot, but once in awhile. And of course if time was available, this could be much longer, but I don't, etc.

Next week is Valentine's Day and I have my 1st full week off since the week after my wedding; per decent chance I'll be able to do some work in here and especially YouTube.

On YouTube, I made some recent videos that came out poor, so I never shared them. Vinyl/CDs, etc and news related. Hopefully if not before then, next week I'll be able to catch up and remake some of those, etc. Including maybe a Shoutout video as I have been finding some new channels to enjoy, namely this week. Kind of partially to fill the void that I feel without MinistryofMusic's channel active anymore.

Moving: related to YouTube perhaps, the plans are in the works, and to conclude, very likely I will be moving somewhere at the end of June, and putting most of my things into Storage, including Vinyl. I.e. the Vinyl videos may be taking a Hiatus for awhile.

What I'm moving to, not sure. It may just be with my wife at her place and then keeping clothes and essentials at her place or possibly my folks until the means arise to finally find a place for the 2 of us. House, Townhouse, Rental House, Duplex, etc.

Money Money Money of course. The problem is between the cost of a down payment being 20%, and her Student Loans, it may back our plans up for a few years at least. Maybe I'll win the Powerball though, hehe.

Health: dealing with the kidney stones still and this week, some kind of stomach issue. Not pain, nor cold or the flu symptoms. And unlikely Food poisoning. I fear it's related to my Kidney Stone medication. I see my Nephrologist in early March though.

I am seriously thinking as far as the videos, to start making them about stuff outside of music. Just favorite movies and TV Shows, dvds, etc. And my Graphic Novels too.

Perhaps that's a goal before all that stuff is put away in storage. The storage thing though it to Save Money. Sucks, buy my apt is more or less a large Storage Space anyway, and 1 I'm paying hundreds of dollars more than I need to, especially to try and save money for a down payment on a house/townhouse and those Student Loans.

But I do have plans of course, and maybe more of that stuff can be covered next week when I'm off, although of course I have a long list of things to get done that week too, which rarely ever happens on my weeks off.