Friday, February 10, 2017

Radical Face - SunnMoonnEclippse [EP] (2016-2017)

Me Likey.

Kind of reminds me of Cloud Cult at times, with subtle/pretty piano and nice dynamics. Not a vast departure, but different enough I follow why Ben Cooper mentioned how this would be different.

Published on Feb 9, 2017
This 3 song EP was built to be a cycle. The music, lyric content and visuals are all meant to loop indefinitely.

The video was made by Gordon McBryde, and as a first for both of us, we made the visuals and the music side-by-side. A direct collaboration instead of two separate processes. So this EP really makes the most sense when you watch and listen at the same time.

Special thanks to Laura Bearl for building and animating all the text.

And if you'd like to watch this EP with the ability to turn the lyrics off and on, I have a dedicated website up for that: [link]

More EPs coming soon!

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