Monday, July 2, 2012

Neverending White Lights - Ghost Ship Ft. Hot Hot Heat [Video]

Interesting to see this song interlaced while they made it. Although I'll admit, I'm not crazy about the singer from Hot Hot Heat's voice, it's still a nice tune, and interesting way to hear it, sort of putting a face with a name and sound. The backing band? I think is Daniel's but I'm not sure if they were just studio people who played just on this song, or perhaps it's other members of Hot Hot Heat.

The 2nd part of Act III is/was supposed to be released this Summer, but I wonder if the flooding that Daniel suffered last Fall may have hurt or ended the chances of that. I guess hopefully some news will be shared this year about the status, because he recorded another dozen? or more songs perhaps, with some great guests including Jimmy Gnecco again.